Most Mexican companies are interested in hiring abroad personnel, for this to happen the company must obtain an Employer’s Registry, which is obtained before the National Immigration Department (INAMI) at no cost.

Among the requirements needed are:

  • Company’s By-laws;
  • Utility bill that shows address;
  • Tax Registry;
  • Tax declaration of previous month;
  • A list with names and nationality of current employees.

Is important to note that, in accordance to the Federal Immigration Law, the number of abroad personnel in the company can’t be greater than 10% of the total of their payroll employees.


¿What document should abroad personnel have in Mexico?

The most common document for management personnel in the companies is the Residence Card (former FM3).

The residence card, either temporal or permanent allows the official identification of abroad persons in Mexican territory, meaning that this document is their valid ID in México. Also, a residence card can be granted with a work permit.

If your Company is thinking in hiring employees or inviting management personnel and have doubts about the requirements to start the Residence Card procedure, feel free to answer the following questions (for free) and one of our attorneys would provide you with more information:


Does the employee receive income abroad?
Will the employee live in Mexico?
Will the employee need legal powers for the company?
How often will the employee visit Mexico?
More than once a weekAround once per monthEach 6 months




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