It’s time to set new goals and reflect back on last year… For us, it was a year of growth and preparation for our next evolution and challenges.

In 2018, we participated in great events such as the ARHITAC meetings, the LegalTech Fest MX and the IE Venture Day. And our blog really took off this year! It received more than 24,000 visitors and we’re really proud of its content. You can read it here — expect new posts in the coming weeks!

For 2019, we will improve our services by using technology wisely, without compromising the legal results, great service or our social commitment. Our brand “GD Legal” will become “Legal Engineers” to better reflect this improvement.As we expand to become Legal Engineers in order to achieve together the best results for your business, we wish you success and the best for 2019!

– The GD Legal/Legal Engineers Team


We are becoming Legal Engineers…

By engineering legal-tech solutions
Like Laboralisto, a platform to manage labor litigation.


While staying true to our values
Offering efficient legal services in a socially responsible way.


Always with our clients in mind
To ensure you carry out your business decisions legally and successfully.