On December 23, 2021, the resolution issued by the National Minimum Wages Commission (CONASAMI) was published in the Official Gazette of the Federation, where the general and professional minimum wages that will govern our nation as of January 1st 2021 were set.

That is why we have given ourselves the task of informing you of the most important and innovative points that are displayed in said resolution:

  • The Minimum Wage was increased in the so-called “Free Zone of the Northern Border” (the municipalities of Baja California are in this zone) from $ 185.56 MXN to $ 213.39 MXN.
  • The Minimum Wage in the country is increased (with their exceptions) from $ 123.22 MXN to $ 141.70 MXN.
  • Two jobs are added to the list of professional minimum wages:
    • Domestic workers, who have an increase of 25% with respect to the current minimum wage, reaching 154.03 pesos (in the Free Zone of the North Border, the wage will be the same as the minimum of that area); and
    • Agricultural laborers, who receive an increase of 30% with respect to the current minimum wage, reaching the amount of 160.19 pesos (in the Free Zone of the North Border the salary will be the same as the minimum of that area).
  • The agreement was voted by the majority. The Government (represented by CONASAMI) and the workers’ sector voted in favor, while the employers’ sector voted against, since their position is that the priority in times of this pandemic should be the “preservation of employment” and not the increase in wages.
  • The municipality of San Quintín for the first time was included as an independent municipality part of the “Free Zone of the Northern Border”.
  • Also included is the figure of the “Independent Recovery Amount” (MIR for its acronym), which had been mentioned since 2016, which will only be applied through salary review processes provided for in the Federal Labor Law. The “MIR” is the form that CONASAMI in recent years has used in its annual reviews to set the new minimum wages.

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Eumir Quintero

Eumir Quintero

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