About GD Legal

Through timely and proactive solutions we help your international ventures proceed efficiently and with minimal legal cost. We provide you with valuable information and develop practical tools to ensure you carry out your business decisions legally and successfully.

Safely and with minimal legal cost, our technology-oriented philosophy and innovation pursuit always leads us to discover new ways to solve your legal necessities: faster, better and at the optimal cost-benefit.

Our Team

Lic Daniel Gutiérrez
Daniel Gutiérrez

Managing Partner

A seasoned promoter of investment in Mexico. (i) Legally advices to open, operate and/or close hundreds of Mexican entities, (ii) provides legal advice to execute lease agreements or to formalize “Fideicomisos” (Trust Agreements) to acquire real estate, chattels or IP rights, and (iii) provides advice on tax planning matters, including the dispute and recovery of taxes of all kinds before the Mexican Tax Authorities.

Lic José Díaz de la Torre
José Díaz de la Torre


Experienced collective bargaining negotiator. Advises Mexican Corporations with foreign investment to resolve disputes in individual or collective labor complaints for all types of industries. Participates in diverse ‘Maquiladoras” and Labor Trade Associations.

Lic José Luis Quezada
José Luis Quezada


Closed the purchase of 15 ha of land at El Florido in SE Tijuana. Has assisted banks in secured financing transactions through the establishment of mortgages, trust deeds and other collateral instruments. Assists in international contractual negotiations. A civil litigator, has experience in government dealings and permits.

Lic Paulina Contreras
Paulina Contreras


Advises corporations in matters related to the obtainment of Visa Permits for expatriates. Represents corporations before Federal and State authorities for environmental procedures, permits and registries. Advises companies in corporate and trademark matters.

Lic Eumir Quintero
Eumir Quintero


Advises companies in labor matters, including opinions regarding overtime, work-shifts, bonuses and other matters related to preventing labor claims and labor fines. Represents corporations in labor trials and amicable procedures. Advises companies in Intellectual Property Law, including trademarks and service marks.

Socratic Process

A scientific approach to law requires analysis, debate, comparison and a conclusion that provides value to the client and to society.

Our promise:
“To serve others and do good.”

In the 21st century, we advise clients to obtain excellent legal/economic results by applying our skill and knowledge, always in a socially responsible way.

Aristotelian Values

Our knowledge of laws and technology empowers us and our clients greatly, to choose the most effective course of action that is socially aware:

  • To our client
  • To our society
  • To our law firm
  • To our fellow human being