LEGALENGINEERS, S.C. is committed with the protection of your personal data, being responsible for its use, handling and confidentiality, and informs you about the following:

Which personal data we collect?

LEGALENGINEERS, S.C. may collect and, when appropriate, treat the personal data specified below:

  1. Name;
  2. Workplace;
  3. Personal, tax or workplace address;
  4. Email address;
  5. Fixed telephone number and / or cell phone number;
  6. Payment information (such as credit card number or bank account number);
  7. Bank references;
  8. Commercial references and/or any other documentation or information that relates to the commercial relationship between LEGALENGINEERS, S.C. and you, the Client.

LEGALENGINEERS, S.C. will treat your personal data only for as long as necessary in order to comply with the purposes described in this Privacy Notice and/or in accordance with the applicable legal provisions.

For what purposes we collect and/or what use we give to your personal data?

The personal data that LEGALENGINEERS, S.C. collects is used mainly to provide you the products and services that you request and to fulfill the obligations derived from the relationship we will eventually create with you. To the extent that the Federal Law on the Protection of Personal Data held by Individuals (hereinafter "the Law") permits, your personal data may be used for the following purposes:

  1. Correspond with you, to provide you with a subscription to a newsletter or publication, notify you about events, or otherwise to respond to your requests or provide you with information that we consider may be of interest to you;
  2. Provide and improve our services to you and to our clients, including handling of certain Personal Information of others on behalf of our clients;
  3. Market our services;
  4. Improve our website;
  5. Compile anonymous statistics, for example, Website usage statistics;
  6. Fulfil our legal obligations;
  7. Deal with situations when you report a problem with our Website(s);
  8. Creation and administration of your account;
  9. Development, operation, improvement and maintenance of new products and services;
  10. Improve the security and protection of our products and services;
  11. Verify your identity and avoid fraud and other unauthorized or illegal activities;
  12. Monitor and analyze trends and uses, as well as customize services and / or products.
  13. Collection and processing of payments;
  14. Sending of publicity and promotions on the products or services of LEGALENGINEERS, S.C.;
  15. Analysis to determine the effectiveness of our services, advertising and promotions;

LEGALENGINEERS, S.C. may use your personal data for other purposes, provided that such purposes are compatible and can be considered analogous to the above.

With whom we do share your personal data?

As part of the business operations and in order to fulfill the described purposes, LEGALENGINEERS, S.C. may share some or all of your personal data with third parties, national or foreign. Such third parties may be parent companies, affiliates or subsidiaries of LEGALENGINEERS, S.C. external professional advisers; and/or other providers offering services.

LEGALENGINEERS, S.C. will ensure, through the signing of agreements and/or the adoption of other binding documents that these third parties maintain adequate security, administrative, technical and physical measures to safeguard their personal data, and that such third parties only use your personal data for the purposes for which it was collected and in accordance with this Privacy Notice.

LEGALENGINEERS, S.C. will not sell, transfer or transfer your personal data to third parties outside LEGALENGINEERS, S.C. without your prior consent, however, LEGALENGINEERS, S.C. may transfer your personal data when such transfer is provided for in the Law or in any Treaty, or when required by resolution of competent authority.

How can you exercise your ARCO rights or revoke your consent?

You may exercise the Access, Rectification, Cancellation and Opposition rights (ARCO rights), established in the Law, at the LEGALENGINEERS, S.C. Legal Area. You may also revoke, at any time, the consent you have given and that it is necessary for the treatment of your personal data, as well as request that the use or disclosure of your personal data be limited. The above can be done by sending your request to the email: [email protected] or directly at our offices located in Calle Misión San Diego, número 2937, interior 103, Zona Urbana Rio Tijuana, Baja California, C.P. 22010. LEGALENGINEERS, S.C. will make available to you the formats suggested to carry out the exercise of ARCO rights through the request via email to [email protected] or at the abovementioned address.

How do we handle Cookies and/or Web Beacons?

We inform you that LEGALENGINEERS, S.C. in the products and services offered through the Internet uses mechanisms such as Cookies, Web Beacons and other technologies through which data are collected automatically and simultaneously, such as source IP address, Browser used, operating system, when the page was accessed, being possible to monitor its behavior as a user of Internet services.

For this, LEGALENGINEERS, S.C. informs the holders that at any moment they can disable the use of these mechanisms, according to the instructions that each company that owns the browsers (browser or Internet viewer) has implemented to activate and deactivate the aforementioned Cookies and Web Beacons, as well as if in the case of require any information related to the data collected through these mechanisms, this must be requested directly to the owner of the browser or Internet viewer used, through and in the forms established by them in their respective Privacy Notices, for which LEGALENGINEERS, S.C. and/or any of its subsidiaries has no obligation, control or possession of such personal data.

How do we treat personal data of minors and persons with different capacities?

They are treated through the parent or guardian, after legal accreditation, for the contracting of products and / or services.

How will we report changes to this privacy notice?

In case of substantial changes in this Privacy Notice, the updated version of the Privacy Policy will be made available through the website or the updated version will be sent to the email provided.

In terms of the Law and its Regulations, we inform you that, in the event of a refusal to respond to requests for ARCO rights or nonconformity with the ARCO, you may submit to the Federal Institute for Access to Information and Data Protection, the corresponding Application Of Protection of Rights in the terms and conditions established by the Law and its Regulations.

ARCO rights?

Access: To know the data that LEGALENGINEERS, S.C. has registered and associated with your person.

Rectification: Perform the updating of the personal data that LEGALENGINEERS, S.C. has registered for you.

Cancellation: If you want to delete the personal data.

Opposition: Suspend (block) the use of my data for purposes other than those originated by the contracting of my products, for example: offer of products and delivery of advertising.

How to exercise your ARCO rights?

  1. Submit to our offices or by electronic means the following documents:
    1. The application form, print it out, fill it with your information and indicate the right that you wish to exercise.
    2. Copy of your current Official Identification (INE, passport, professional ID, card).
    3. Copy of proof of current address (water, electricity, telephone bills) only in case it does not match the one of your Official Identification.
    4. In cases where the ARCO application is filed by a legal representative, it must accompany the corresponding Public Deed containing his/her powers of attorney.
  1. Submit your documents.
    Attend to our offices with all the documents you have previously prepared and our team will assist you to initiate your process or please send to the email [email protected] copy of all the documents previously mentioned.
  1. Acknowledgement of receipt.
    Once our team has entered your documents you must submit an Acknowledgment of Receipt for the Right that you have requested.

If you have any doubts or additional comments, do not hesitate to share them with us through the email: [email protected].